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beautifully lit in italy.

i recently came upon this lovely lighting made by hand & eye studio, a lovely London-based lighting design company with a clean-lined design aestheti...
14-10-2019 22:00

with a little help from my new friend.

one of the reasons i moved to laguna beach was its healthy, outdoor lifestyle but also its small-town atmosphere. i can walk almost anywhere, and the...
14-10-2019 22:00

wear this there: august antwerp.

this week we’re heading to one of my favorite cities and one of the most fashionable — Antwerp, Brussels to be exact. and specifically to this be...
11-10-2019 21:59

good reads: petite passport.

whenever i’m traveling to a new city, or even one i’ve been to before but might not be quite up to date on, i always check petite passport. pauli...
10-10-2019 21:58

not your average frat house.

when i think of a frat house, i envision neon beer signs, bad plaid, sagging sofas that smell like one too many parties, and sneakers lying about eve...
10-10-2019 21:58

small space dining solutions.

so, i need your two cents: my cottage has a very small dining area, and it exists in the same space as my living room — it’s one pretty good size...
09-10-2019 22:05

picture this: collage art.

i love a good collage, and i also love making them, but i haven’t had at it in a good long while. and mine were never quite as good as the artists ...
08-10-2019 21:59

instagram worthy: @nick_nemechek.

today’s @TRNKNYC and that’s how i landed on @nick_nemechek, one of the furniture collection’s founders. and, if you like TRNK furniture you mig...
08-10-2019 21:59

tiny house living.

have you ever wanted to really scale down, get experimental and live a much smaller life" not in terms of heart, but in terms of belongings. that’s...
07-10-2019 22:01

wear this there: es bec d’aguila.

this week we’re headed to one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been, even if just for a few hours when we stopped there on a cruise — the...
04-10-2019 22:00

shape shifters.

sometimes all it takes to add texture and interest to a room, is some unique shapes. in the form of interesting one-of-a-kind or designer furniture, ...
03-10-2019 21:57

color story: golden state.

i think i’m feeling all kinds of love for california this week — our very sunny golden state. and i’ve also noticed the light here in laguna is...
02-10-2019 21:56

good reads: travel home.

this is one of those home design books that i get really excited to share, because not only does it feature beautiful and inspiring interiors, it als...
01-10-2019 21:59

life at the kitchen counter.

i’m slowly getting my laguna cottage together after moving in last week, and one of the areas i managed to get semi-pulled-together was the kitchen...
30-09-2019 22:01

best of: sophisticated whimsy.

these spaces are all on the sophisticated end of the design spectrum, but i also sense a touch of whimsy that sets them apart from something too soph...
26-09-2019 21:58

best of: an edwardian english kitchen.

those ornate archways had me at ‘hello’ — i’m always a sucker for a pretty curve, aren’t you" this kitchen is one of devol’s divine space...
26-09-2019 21:58

best of: everybody puts baby in a corner.

it’s true, right" lost & found; domino; essential home. The post best of: everybody puts baby in a corner. appeared first on sfgirlbybay....
25-09-2019 21:57

best of: it’s only a paper moon.

should you be looking for some affordable lighting options that make a huge impact you might just consider the paper lantern, and in my opinion the b...
25-09-2019 21:57

best of: chez valentin loellmann.

oh la la! this home is truly something special. called the riverhouse, it almost reminds me (in a good way) of a little hobbit house, the way it’s ...
24-09-2019 21:59

best of: the shutterbugs: nicole franzen.

New York-based photographer, Nicole Franzen, has such a prolific portfolio, full of gorgeous interior photography and locations, that picking out thi...
24-09-2019 21:59

best of: the good life at the villa.

does this look like a tropical paradise, or what" this laid-back villa in Sri Lanka was recently featured on elledecor sweden and i was instantly sm...
23-09-2019 21:56

best of: modern surf vibes.

in honor of my move to laguna beach i’m making up a new genre — kinda, sorta anyway — modern surf. i think mid-century modern already has a kin...
23-09-2019 21:56

wear this there: jolene.

i can feel the weather changing, getting cooler and cozier, so i thought what better time than beautiful autumn to pop on over to londontown" and thi...
20-09-2019 22:00

best of: built-in space savers.

i’ve been kind of really missing having an actual physical desk, after converting my home office to a guest bedroom. however, that room also has a ...
19-09-2019 21:59

best of: best of: at home in sonoma.

sonoma is such a restful, beautiful place to visit — if you’ve never been you might like to add it to your bucket list. and since they’ve strug...
19-09-2019 21:59

best of: a bright & sunny paris abode.

okay, this post comes with a disclaimer: prepare for extreme envy. erin at apartment34 saw this feature by Laetitia of billieblanket. ...
18-09-2019 22:04

best of: the un-office home office.

it’s not unreasonable to crave a bit of space for one’s self. a little nook to take care of paperwork, sort the bills that come in, a sweet spot ...
18-09-2019 22:04

update: book smart.

as you’ve probably realized from seeing my built-in bookcases, i’ma bit of a reading fiend. when i have a good book in my hands it takes me away...
17-09-2019 21:59

best of: getting graphic.

the trend to get graphic doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and personally,i’m just fine with that. and to tell you the truth graphic t...
17-09-2019 21:59

best of: that little black accent.

as you’ll see in a few more posts this week (guest room makeover reveal, coming right up!) i’m still seduced by that little black magic. i’ve h...
16-09-2019 21:58

best of: that golden light.

whenever i’ve been in paris, i couldn’t help but notice that it holds up to its reputation as the la Ville des Lumires — the city of lights. a...
16-09-2019 21:58

wear this there: hotel joaquin.

in honor of my move to laguna beach, i thought it might be nice to share laguna’s own hotel joaquin this week — a petite boutique resort nestled ...
13-09-2019 21:53

at home in venice.

initially, when i decided i needed to live beachside again, i looked in and around venice, but cute spots are hard to come by that are also affordabl...
12-09-2019 22:00

eclectic + eccentric art.

a little bit more about art today! like a lot of us, when it comes to decorating with art, i get a little stuck — at least at first. moving to my n...
11-09-2019 21:58

fine little day + alina vergnano.

Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day has always had a killer eye for good design. her shop is one of my favorites (and in fact this pin of her swimmer...
11-09-2019 21:58

on holiday in portugal.

with gracious thanks to photographer Priscilla Gragg, we’re day tripping to one of my very favorite places to visit — Portugal! priscilla emailed...
10-09-2019 21:57

instagram worthy: @forestbound.

if this week’s ...
09-09-2019 22:05

wear this there: korakia pensione.

i’ve headed out in search of summer’s last heatwave for you, and we’ve landed at korakia pensione in always sunny palm springs. you can count o...
06-09-2019 22:01

modern beach retreat.

i guess i just have beach pads on my mind lately, because i’m back with some ideas for the modern beach retreat. not your average, beach shack, but...
05-09-2019 21:56

picture this: duets.

we’re all about duets on this week’s Couple to hold fast, a favorite of mine from lisa golightly, we’re celebrating displaying artworks featuri...
05-09-2019 21:56

color story: white on white.

it may be after labor day, but around here, we’re breaking all the rules and still wearing white — at least around the house, anyway. this week...
04-09-2019 21:59

instagram worthy: @nataliewalton.

this week’s instagram worthy account is really more of a quadruple threat — meet @nataliewalton if you haven’t discovered her already. natalie ...
03-09-2019 22:02

wear this there: humus and hortense.

today we’re headed somewhere quite magical — we’re off to the capital of belgium to visit the very beautiful restaurant humus and hortense in b...
30-08-2019 21:55

wrapping up summer.

we’re having a retro moment for a trend that’s lingered on our pinterest feed even after summer’s impending end ? the headscarf. how cool does ...
29-08-2019 21:57

color story: blue & yellow.

there’s something about the pairing of blue and yellow that just says ‘holiday’ to me. maybe because it reminds of the south of france, and str...
28-08-2019 21:56

picture this: abstract art.

this week i’ve curated a collection for Maureen Meyer and kat klerks, have a gander at abstracts graphics. clockwise, l to r: matisse via fores...
28-08-2019 21:56

creating a grand entrance.

sadly, we’re not all blessed with the luxury of these grand arched entrances or epic tall ceilings, but it doesn’t mean we can’t worship them f...
27-08-2019 22:01
26-08-2019 21:54

friday finds (not)!

hi guys, i’m so sorry it’s been a slow week for posting, and i’ve been a little lax, but packing and moving is no joke! so i apologize, but no ...
23-08-2019 21:59

wear this there: menorca experimental.

we’re heading somewhere beautiful just in time for those last lingering days of summer. welcome to the natural beauty and calm of the Balearic isla...
23-08-2019 21:59

for the chair collectors out there.

if you know me at all, you know i love to collect chairs — too many in fact! and, the funky ones are my favorites. i went down an internet rabbit h...
22-08-2019 21:56

good source: the shopkeepers.

i don’t even recall how i landed here but, this is one wonderfully put together resource! if you haven’t come across it yet, meet the shopkeepers...
20-08-2019 21:55

whitewashed wonderland.

i guess i really must love a whitewashed look because as i move from my echo park home with its beamed ceilings, i move into yet another cottage with...
20-08-2019 21:55

bohemian modern meets rustic.

since i’m moving to a smaller cottage in laguna beach, i’ve been eying some different looks, hunting for some new inspiration to decorate my spac...
19-08-2019 21:54

wear this there: la cantine.

we’re headed to brooklyn today, to one very sweet, cozy cafe. meet new york’s La Cantine caf, designed by Sophie Lou Jacobsen who put an adorabl...
16-08-2019 21:54

rustic modern makeover.

i recently saw this stunning bedroom makeover on the house that lars built. thanks for allowing me to share, ladies! ? Photography by Shannon...
15-08-2019 21:59
14-08-2019 21:57

go big with parabo press.

i’ve long been a fan of square engineer prints in a brand new size. their Parabo Press — i’ve ordered lots in the past and always loved how the...
14-08-2019 21:57

nordic knots, styled multiple ways.

rugs are the designer’s dream come true. if you’ve tired of your current decor, simply start by changing out your area rug and build from there ...
13-08-2019 21:57

a little news and a big move.

i have some very exciting (at least for me!) news! as you may have seen on my instagram, i’ve made the decision to sell my echo park home and move ...
12-08-2019 21:54

laguna cottage inspiration.

as per my previous post, i’m loading up the truck and moving to laguna beach. i’m actually kind of a weirdo about moving — even though i’m de...
12-08-2019 21:54

wear this there: holiday caf.

we’re quite literally heading out on holiday today, hopping over to paris for a caf crme at this very stylish little spot, the holiday caf, brou...
09-08-2019 21:57

the designers: katarina rulinskaya.

i have a ‘thing’ for glass-enclosed spaces, and this one in particular in Warszawa, Poland really captured my attention. designed by Katarina Rul...
08-08-2019 21:53

picture this: fruit for thought.

summer is my favorite season to eat! especially because the fruits in season this time of year are the ones i love to eat — peaches, cherries, nect...
08-08-2019 21:53

color story: black licorice.

you may not believe this, but snacking at your computer can inspire a blog post. no, really ’tis true — i’m sitting here eating black licorice ...
07-08-2019 21:55

on trend: the art deco bed.

i’ve been seeing this trend gaining traction for some time now and i’m not at all unhappy about it. meet the art deco bed — with its feminine c...
06-08-2019 22:06

kara rosenlund takes us to satellite island.

kara rosenlund has the very enviable job of traveling the globe and taking beautiful photographs. i follow her on her travels on instagram (and you s...
05-08-2019 22:03

wear this there: so loureno do barrocal.

today, we’re escaping to the heart of the Alentejo, portugal, specifically to the tranquil resort that is so loureno do barrocal. in the same fam...
02-08-2019 21:58

summer reading list.

we’ve got another month or so of summer, so no time like the present to fit in some quality summer reading — probably my very favorite way to win...
01-08-2019 21:56

boho bedding.

yesterday we went all minimal, but today i’m doing an equal opportunity post for those of you who love a more bohemian vibe, and in this case, boho...
01-08-2019 21:56

make mine minimal.

i’m in one of those moods again. the kind of mood where i feel like i just have way too much stuff. it’s time to clear the clutter and go a littl...
31-07-2019 22:00

modern mountain cottage.

there’s nothing much basic about this mountain cottage designed by kate and ben towill of basic projects. tucked away up in cashiers, north Carolin...
30-07-2019 22:06

instagram worthy: @______theo.

this week’s ...
30-07-2019 22:06

sicily, part two: scopello.

ciao! are you ready for part two of my summer trip to sicily" this post covers the second half of our trip to the small coastal village of scopello, ...
29-07-2019 21:59

wear this there: maison de la luz.

we’re headed back to NOLA this week and having a stay at yet another new beautiful boutique hotel from atelier ace (last week we shared sister city...
26-07-2019 22:02

sicily, part one: palermo.

i’ve finally been able to edit all the many photos from my trip to sicily and i realized as i was doing this that my trip really should be broken u...
25-07-2019 21:59

good reads: sous les toits de paris.

it’s quite true that i can’t read a word of this book written in french (well maybe a couple — like trs jolie and oh la la!) but it is just to...
24-07-2019 21:56

picture this: fashionistas.

sorry, i’ve been remiss in my art round-ups (mon dieu!), tappan collective; CHARLOTTE PAYNE WEARING CARTIER JEWELRY by HORST P HORST art print from...
24-07-2019 21:56

a visit to casa de vidro.

i very often find myself falling down the design rabbit hole that is herz und blut, aka berlin-based Jules Villbrandt, founder of the online magazine...
23-07-2019 21:55

the designers: serge castella.

i’ve long admired the work of interior designer serge castella and we’ve featured his beautiful work here before, so i was excited when i saw tha...
23-07-2019 21:55

may i have a little mustard"

i love a little mustard yellow in my decor mix — in fact, i happen to own one single mustard yellow velvet pillow which is thrown into a load of wh...
22-07-2019 21:59

wear this there: sister city.

this week on wear this there, we’re headed to new york city and a new hotel created by the people behind Ace Hotel and inspired by the functional p...
19-07-2019 21:56

gucci gucci gucci.

we all know, gucci is not for everyone — it’s pricey for sure and its eclectic, over the top aesthetic, is not exactly mainstream. but i happen t...
18-07-2019 21:58

checkered past.

one of the amazing things about traveling around europe is how very ancient it is and the unique charm which that exudes. the architecture is awe-ins...
18-07-2019 21:58

she sells seashells by the seashore.

how’s that for a tongue-twister" it’s definitely hard to say three times fast. but seashells, all on their own are really quite lovely. i found a...
17-07-2019 22:02

my home tour on decor8.

it’s been a while since i’ve shared what i’ve been up to around the house, decorating-wise but recently holly from decor8 shared a little peek ...
16-07-2019 21:58

at home in bordeaux.

another french home (sigh, i may get over this sooner or later) this one is situated in the heart of Bordeaux, of the famed wine-growing region, in s...
16-07-2019 21:58

a petit stay in paris.

bonjour! i have returned from my excursion overseas! i’d like to say i’m glad to be back, and i certainly am happy to be home with lucy, but quit...
15-07-2019 21:59

take me back to the south of france.

it’s pretty hard to not leave france without some kind of longing to figure out how one might go about living there as an expat. it’s a lifestyle...
15-07-2019 21:59

best of: wear this there: piccolina gelateria.

design down under keeps on kicking ass, so today we’re headed to the Melbourne, australia suburb of Collingwood for a sweet, tasty treat. we’re g...
12-07-2019 21:57
11-07-2019 21:59

best of: make mine rustic chic.

after visiting this unforgettable open house, and leanne ford’s little cabin in the big city, i’ve just been overcome with the desire for open be...
11-07-2019 21:59

best of: brownstone beauty.

one look at this quite fabulous fireplace mantel and i was immediately drawn in. it’s the decidedly drool-worthy design work of architecture and de...
10-07-2019 21:59

best of: indigo for days.

one thing these rooms have in common besides their beautiful shades of blue is drama! indigo blue will do that for you — whether it’s painting an...
10-07-2019 21:59

best of: an artful home in napa valley.

i’ve long been an admirer of entrepreneur and Minted founder Mariam Naficy — we’ve collaborated together on projects for a long while now, and ...
09-07-2019 21:57

best of: meet georges store.

milk decoration recently featured the french countryside home workshop of designer Mylne Scotto, also the Founder of Georges a beautiful shop full o...
09-07-2019 21:57

best of: instagram worthy: @jessicatremp.

i find this week’s instagram worthy account just so poetic. i love the way australian-based photographer @jessicatremp sees the world — it’s ju...
08-07-2019 21:57

best of: head case.

have you been paying attention to this latest trend" i can’t quite get enough of it — heads everywhere you turn! first, it was just simple sketch...
08-07-2019 21:57

best of: belly up to these bars.

when is a bar not really a bar" when it’s re-purposed into one — that’s when it simply becomes a bar. ’tis the season for serving festive coc...
03-07-2019 21:59

best of: cowboy pool DIY.

before we sign off for the rest of the week to enjoy the 4th of july long weekend, i’m excited to be sharing my backyard pool project meet what som...
03-07-2019 21:59

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beautifully lit in italy.

beautifully lit in italy.

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with a little help from my new friend.

with a little help from my new friend.

one of the reasons i moved to laguna beach was its healthy, outdoor lifestyle but also its small-town atmosphere. i can walk almost anywhere, and the farmer’s market on saturdays is literally five minutes away. but, (and that’s a rather... -
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